Yoga Nidra Professional Certification

Training Details

Yoga Nidra Online Certification: 40 Hours CE (self-paced)

Location: This is an online course to be completed from the convenience of your own home.

Training Overview

Learn the origins of YOGA NIDRA with Senior Satyananda Teacher Kalpana (Kay) Mewara.

Kay will teach techniques which will allow you to reach new states of conscious awareness with acute perception of both your physical and subtle body.

Learn why it works and how to structure according to Satyananda yoga tradition. The end result is the healing of the body and mind and the expansion of consciousness.

Modules & Assessments:

Level I

This module covers the beginnings and philosophy of yoga nidra as well as the psychological and physiological effects of the practice. We also cover the first 4 steps in creating a yoga nidra script. Topics include:

Origins & History

Stress & The Body's Response

The Nervous System

Yoga Nidra & The Brain

The Doctrine of Karma

Hypnosis vs Yoga Nidra

Sleep, Dreams, & Yoga Nidra

Speed, Voice, Tone, & Timing

Script Creation


Level II

Level II introduces the remaining, and most powerful, steps in yoga nidra. We also dive deeper into the physical and psychological benefits of the practice, as well as dissect the more complex topics of yoga physiology and philosophy. Students will learn the more subtle forms of consciousness and how yoga nidra plays a part in profound healing. Topics include:

The Koshas (Beyond the Body & Mind)



Visualization (Symbol of the Unconscious)

Developing Emotional Control

Karmic Experience

Yoga Nidra For Cancer

Level III

In Level III we continue to dive deeper into the consciousness by introducing the Chakra System. Students will learn different aspects of the energy centers of the body and their role in human behaviors, function, and disease. This module also touches on the topic of Neuroplasticity and proves how yoga nidra plays a role using current scientific research.  Topics include:

Intro to Chakras

Relationship of Chakras to Each Other

Evolution of the Elements


Research & Evidence


After each topic, a brief assessment is given in order to gauge the absorption of the information by the student. These are automatically graded. A grade of 80% must be acquired in order for the student to move on to the next topic. 

The Final Assessment will be given after the completion of all three modules. Each student will be required to write a script of his/her own and to upload 4 original yoga nidra recordings to be reviewed by Kay.

Training Schedule:

Dates: Begin at anytime! Live online Q&A sessions are scheduled once a month.

Duration: Self-paced! Average completion is within 6 to 12 months.

Certification: Yoga Nidra Professional Certification - 40 Hours (recognized by Yoga Alliance Continued Education)

Training Investment:

The Yoga Grad School believes in offering affordable continued education programs for yoga teachers and wellness professionals. Each course offers a unique and in-depth learning experience by certified and experienced yoga teachers, as well as around the clock customer service. 

Investment in all three modules of the Yoga Nidra Professional Certification course is $749 USD.

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