About Us

The Yoga Grad School was created by Nurture Soul Therapeutics Corp.

Our intention is to create a supportive online community for yoga teachers and other wellness professionals seeking to further their knowledge of yoga. We are an online platform for affordable continue education programs for beyond the 200-hour level. We provide a safe virtual space for those who want to continue to learn, develop new skills, and for those who wish to be a part of a community of people inspired to help others.

Currently, members of TheYogaGradSchool.com have access to a FREE Online Forum, and the most comprehensive Yoga Nidra Online Training Course. 

Later this year we will be launching our Yoga Teacher Fellowship program, an online mentorship created to empower yoga teachers on their path of self-discovery and authentic truth. Members will gain support of other senior yoga teachers and yoga therapists.

Please peruse the site for more information on what we have to offer. Also, please check out Nurturesoul.com to see our roots and learn more about our beliefs in Nurturing the Soul!

We hope you choose to become a part of our collective!


The Yoga Grad School



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